3 Must-Try Experiences When Visiting Strip Clubs in Brisbane

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned veteran who has dozens of lap dances under his belt or a first-timer who is both nervous and excited for his first stripper encounter. You want the same thing — a good time with gorgeous girls. It’s a good thing strip clubs in Brisbane won’t fail to satisfy in this department since the clubs here are filled with beautiful and sexy ladies.

However, if you want to go beyond just your ‘normal’ strip club experience, you have to be willing to be a bit more daring and to spend a bit more, of course.

Take your night of adult entertainment to the next level by trying these tips at least once in your life.

  1. Sitting in front of the stage

Dancers in strip clubs in Brisbane come in all forms, shapes, and sizes, and you will certainly find that one gal who will meet your fancy. When you do, grab the chance to see her perform right in front of you by sitting beside the stage. Who knows what awesome acrobatic moves she’ll put out for you when you show her you’re a good tipper? There are even some who can amazingly pick up bills using certain body parts you never thought possible.

Brisbane strip clubs also like to have special performances from popular adult entertainers. If you happen to visit on one such night, don’t miss the opportunity to get close to the action. Grab that stage-side seat and enjoy being awed by that famous sensual beauty who is just a few inches away from you. Just make sure not to get too excited and make the same mistake as that guy who threw his wallet at Stormy Daniel’s face during a show in Oregon (perhaps in the desire to show his appreciation by giving literally everything he had in his wallet?).

  1. Getting a lap dance

There is nothing like getting a lap dance from a gorgeous and sexy being when in strip clubs in Brisbane. During your private show, it will be only the two of you (unless you’re with a bunch of your mates). Her focus is on you, there aren’t any distractions, and the privacy allows you to get completely lost in your fantasy.

Of course, make sure you pick the dancer you really like to make every extra dollar you spend well worth it. At the OMFG Adult Lounge at 367 Brunswick St., Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, you will find a room full of sexy dancers in club wear who are ready to give you the most amazing night of your life. Make sure to take your time to pick which lovely lady you want for an unforgettable lap dance.

  1. Making it rain

Have you ever watched those rappers’ music videos as they shower strippers with dollar bills and thought to yourself, “I wonder how that feels”? Why don’t you go ahead and find out?

Ask the club you’re headed to if they allow that, then save up your one-dollar bills (the smaller the denomination the more bills you have for a ‘heavier rainfall’).

When you have the right amount (determined by how much you can actually afford to splurge for this once-in-a-lifetime experience), dress up to look your best, gather your mates, and head on to the club.

IMPORTANT: Don’t make it rain the moment you step into the club. Wait for the right moment, like when you and your buddies are at the peak of your partying. Take out your stack of cash, and let those bills fly.

TIP: If you want to perfect how to flick or throw the paper to get an amazing cascade or to predetermine the right height from where to make the bills fly, practise at home before your big night.

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